JALAMA pronounced Halama is the name of a pristine piece of coastline in central California named after the Chumash tribe Xalam, meaning "bundle" 

This isolated and raw coastline and was central to the upbringing of Jalama Dye's founder Jenna Baucke and a root source of her connection to nature. 

With few exceptions, all of the dyes that Jalama uses can be found on this land. Understanding and developing relationships with these specific plants is significant to Jenna's practice as a dyer and artist. 

Jalama Dyes was created with the intention to bring beautiful, functional objects into the world without using harmful chemicals or dyes that pollute our water and contaminate the health of our land and ecosystems. Jalama is about sustainably gathering the abundance and magic in our surrounding natural environment and bundling it together with creativity to produce wearable and useful objects that reflect and honor natures beauty.